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Texas Retiree News Is Posted Regularly by Gene Lantz on Behalf of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Dallas Labor News Is Posted Regularly by Gene Lantz on Behalf of Dallas AFL-CIO

What to Do -- Long Term and Short Term May 29, 2016

Dallas Labor News May 27, 2016

Dallas Labor News May 20, 2016

Texas Retirees to Gather in San Antonio

What's Our Strategy for Texas Retirees?

Dallas Labor News May 13, 2016

Democracy is Under Siege in Texas

Dallas Labor News May 6, 2016

Dallas Labor News April 29, 2016

Dallas Labor News April 22, 2016

Dallas Labor News Updates North Texans 2/27/15

Why Did More than 2/3 of Texans Fail to Vote? 11/6/14

Why are Wages Falling? 9/10/14

Labor Day Brings Opportunities for Labor/Community Coalition Work 8/12/14

Unity Sounds Easy, but It Isn't! 8/7/14

Restraining Order from Walmart Attorneys and Judge Posted 6/6/14

Fair Trade Fight Succeeds, Fight A.L.E.C. Next! 3/16/14

Dallas Schools Threatened with Takeover 3/13/14

Celebrate International Women's Day March 8 3/6/14

March & Rally for Fair Trade -- Oppose the TPP! 12/29/14

Dallas Labor Surges Forward on Human Rights Day 12/10/13

Join Walmart Fight in Balch Springs on "Black Friday" -- Nov 29 11/27/13

Join Jobs with Justice Meeting -- Get In On the Ground Floor! 11/12/13

Jobs with Justice Meeting Builds Progressive Coalition in North Texas 10/24/13

More Things that Must be Done 10/18/13

UAW Members Find Community Allies 9/27/13

We're Set to Go on Labor Day Activities 8/29/13

1963 March Commemorated in North Texas 8/29/13

Women's Rights Celebrated, Demanded! 8/29/13

Labor Day Plans Made -- Your Help Needed! 8/22/13

Prepare for A Great Labor Day! 8/15/13

Let's Make Labor Day the Best Ever! 8/5/13

Texas Activists Have Advice for the Labor Movement 7/12/13

Dallas Rallies for Women 7/12/13

Dallas Union Wins Clear Victory on Hot School Bus Issue 7/12/13

Lessons Learned from "Restore the Fourth." 7/6/13

American Labor Passionately Wants to Include YOU! 7/4/13

Please Help Keep Jobs with Justice in Texas 6/27/13

Join the List of Endorsers for Walmart Workers' Rights! 6/27/13

Walmart Seeks Sympathy by Suing 6/19/13

Celebrate Juneteenth -- and Keep Up the Fight! 6/17/13

Join the Labor Movement Through Constituency Groups 6/17/13

"Nuns on the Bus" for Immigration Reform Visits Dallas 6/8/13

More Walmart Employees and Customers Leafleted! 6/7/13

We Rally for Walmart Workers, and Plan more for June 7! 6/2/13

Activists Gather for Walmart Employee Support 5/25/13

Latinos Demand Immigration Reform! 5/5/13

May 1st ,Then and Now, Celebrated in Dallas 5/2/13

Mayday to be Celebrated in Dallas 4/27/13

WalMart Workers Participate in National Day of Action 4/26/13

Postal Workers Turn Out for Saturday Delivery 3/25/13

If You Want Effective Action, Join us Wednesday, March 13 3/7/13

North Texas Celebrates Black History Month 2/25/13

Amalgamated Transit Union Needs Help 2/23/13

Why Are We Divided? 2/13/13

What North Texas Needs Is a Giant March 2/5/13

Fight Cutbacks! Fight Austerity in America! 12/20/12

Let's Change the Way We Organize in 2013! 12/20/12

Meeting 10/14/12 on Austerity Fight and Helping Organize WalMart 11/11/12

Texas AFL-CIO Leader to Speak in Grand Prairie November 8 11/4/12

Auto Workers Unions Gather in Grand Prairie 10/6/12

TAKE ACTION! Find Out How to Help WalMart and Others at Meeting Oct 9 10/4/12

WalMart Employees Rally in Dallas 9/22/12

Romney's Policies Protested in Dallas 9/18/12

Coca Cola Workers in Fort Worth Fight for Representation 9/15/12

Please Attend 9/12/12 meeting 9/10/12

Labor Day Weekend Off to a Great Start 9/1/12

Workers Fight Possible Plant Shutdown in Grand Prairie 8/24/12

Protesters Gather at Verizon Store 8/15/12

Verizon Workers Fight for Health Care and Pensions 7/27/12

Solidarity Moved Forward in North Texas 7/1/12

Join us for "Solidarity Night" to help Ongoing North Texas Workers' Struggles 6/22/12

Judge Rules For American Airlines Management, Against Workers 6/21/12

Walmart Employees and Ironworkers Find that Solidarity Is Growing in North Texas 5/27/12

Stand with the Workers at Upcoming Events 5/17/12

Solidarity Grows with American Airlines Employees 4/24/12

Some Fair Trade Actions Set, others Underway 4/20/12

Tax Day Sees Protests of Bankers and Congressional Budget Slashers 4/18/12

Jobs with Justice for Fair Trade, Organizing, and Celebrating Labor History 4/13/12

"Fair Trade Not Free Trade" Campaign Launches Wednesday 4/11/12 4/8/12

Progressive Christians Send the Right Messages on Good Friday 4/8/12

March April 6 and Several Times Afterward 4/5/12

"Free Trade Agreement" Negotiators Coming to Dallas 4/2/12

Join the Fight for Voter Rights! 4/1/12

Window Opens 3/30/12 for Vote by Mail 3/24/12

"Save Our Health Care Benefits!" 3/22/12

Many, Many More Actions Coming Up! 3/15/12

Songfest Succeeds 2/27/12

Could We Kill Each Others' Bosses? 2/24/12

Dallas Teachers Fight the Good Fight 2/24/12

Protest American Airlines Bankruptcy! 2/14/12

Help Plan the Fight for Rights! 2/5/12

Songfest Coming Up 12/11/12

Let's Go Strongly into 2012! 12/9/12

The Best Thing We Can Do Is March on Saturday 11/18/11

Don't Let Threats, or Even Evictions, Slow You Down! 11/15/11

Protesters Cleared of Starting Violence, Occupation Merits Our Support 11/12/11

North Texas Postal Workers Take Their Part in the General Workers' Upsurge 11/7/11

Occupy Dallas Is Making it, but Needs Help 11/6/11

Why Was Stephen Benavides Arrested? 11/5/11

Environmental Racism Opposed in Dallas 11/5/11

Actions Already Underway or Being Planned 11/2/11

All Tactics Are Good (BUT...) 10/22/11

Find a Way to Get Your Organization to Participate 10/21/11

Rally Thursday, March Saturday 10/19/11

Invite a Protester to Your Next Meeting 10/16/11

What's Next After Successful Dallas March? 10/15/11

Occupation Forces Stand Strong -- Who Will Stand With Them? 10/15/11

MoveOn Holds Excellent Demonstration at Representative Hensarling's Bank Building Office--More Actions Underway 10/14/11

Rally Saturday with "Occupation Dallas" 10/12/11

Occupy, Lobby, Gather, Demonstrate! 10/11/11

You Can Help Our Youthful Protesters 10/10/11

Actions Pile on Actions -- Come On Down! 10/9/11

Jobs Crisis Wears On -- Still No Government Action 10/8/11

Labor Joins "Occupy America" Movement -- Dallas Group Needs Us! 10/8/11

National Jobs with Justice is Purging Lists -- Great Battles Continue 10/1/11

Union Activities Increase in Number and Quality 10/1/11

"Caring Across Generations" Program Helps with Meeting on the Super Congress 9/30/11

North Texas Gets A Delegate to the AFL-CIO Youth Summit 9/30/11

Super Congress Threatens 9/16/11

Protesters Call for Justice for Commissioner John Wiley Price 9/16/11

North Texans Have Awesome Challenge -- Meet on 2nd Wednesday 9/12/11

Labor History Needs to be Taught 9/9/11

Labor Day Events Went Well 9/8/11

Jobs Vigil Carried Out 9/2/11

Which Way for the Jobs Movement? 8/31/11

Take Action This Week 8/28/11

Oklahoma Laborfest Sets a Standard 8/28/11

Reverend Middleton to Speak at Northaven 8/25/11

Verizon Strike is Off for Now, But Solidarity Actions Continue 8/23/11

Labor's Opportunities and Challenges Multiply 8/19/11

Help Carry out Verizon Support Actions 8/18/11

Commit to Winning the Verizon Strike! 8/12/11

Cancel the August Meeting, There's No Time for Talking! 8/9/11

North Texans Attend National JwJ Conference 8/9/11

Dallas Joins Protests Over Hostage (Debt) Crisis 8/3/11

Why Aren't We Marching on Washington? 8/1/11

Walmart Employees Are Organizing 7/27/11

Fifty North Texans Celebrate Union Culture 7/25/11

First Annual Union Song Revival Almost Ready for July 24 7/19/11

Union Song Revival is Forming Up Nicely 7/8/11

Survey on Unemployment Analyzed 7/8/11

Dallas Vigils Continue to Raise Alarm on Jobs Crisis 7/8/11

Help Plan a Union Song Revival for July 24 6/29/11

Jobs Legislation Defeated 6/28/11

Houston Congresswoman to host "Speakout for Jobs!" 6/23/11

Texas AFL-CIO Holds its Convention in Irving 6/12/11

Jobs with Justice Holds Vigil Against Unemployment 6/3/11

Action June 3 and Beyond 5/31/11

Where Have All the Jobs Gone? 5/26/11

Where's OUR Protests? 5/21/11

Learn a Lot from the AFL-CIO 5/20/11

Jobs Crisis Gets Worse -- Benefits on Chopping Block 5/19/11

Autoworkers Union Plans to Organize 5/15/11

North Texans Tell the Truth on Unemployment 5/6/11

Vigil for Unemployed in Dallas May 6 5/3/11

May 1 and May 5 Celebrated 5/3/11

Activist Promotes T-Shirts on Unemployment 5/3/11

Workers Rights Board Members Make Plans 4/26/11

Christian Activits March for Good Friday 4/22/11

Dallas Labor Endorses Candidates 4/21/11

Everything is Happening! 4/15/11

Unemployed Need Our Help 4/7/11

Texas Marched in Austin on April 6 4/7/11

Protesting Pace Picking Up! 4/2/11

Get April 6th State Wide Demonstration Bus Tickets Now! 3/24/11

Protests Happening Everywhere, Even at Local Schools 3/23/11

Even More Activities Scheduled Leading Up to April 6th 3/20/11

Raging Tempo of Workers' Actions Moves Toward April 6th 3/17/11

Connect with the Rampaging Workers Movement! 3/3/11

Texas Rallies for Public Workers Here and Wisconsin 2/27/11

Wisconsin and the Fightback at Home 2/19/11

Join us 2nd Wednesday, 2/9/11 2/7/11

Help Teachers, State Workers, and Unemployed 1/31/11

Everybody Wants Money (Us Too) 1/31/11

JwJ Continues Fight for MLK's Dream 01/18/11

Action Calendar Posted 01/15/11

"Where Are the Jobs? " Another fine Brad Walker Comic 1/15/11

Protect and Extend Public Jobs! 010711

North Texans Fight Back! 12/3/10

Three Jobs CrisisActions This Week! 11/29/10

New Opportunities to Fight for Workers! 11/8/10

North Texas Jobs Aren't Lost -- They've Just Been Moved! 10/16/10

October 18 Rally -- Next Thing after October 2 10/8/10

Dallas Joins National "Jobs Emergency Action Day" 9/16/10

Let's Get Politically Active with the Labor Movement 9/13/10

Rev. Middleton Shares Labor Day Musings 9/6/10

Even More Activities Scheduled 8/30/10f

We Must Form a Powerful Coalition for the October 2 March on Washington 8/20/10

"Save Social Security" and Other Urgent Campaigns Imminent 8/9/10

Fair Budget Committee May Bring Anti-Cutz Movement Together 8/8/10

Jobs with Justice Plans Moves in Denver 8/8/10

North Texas Needs a Local Plan Against Cuts and for Jobs! 7/25/10

National and Local Jobs with Justice Project Major Plans 7/23/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Calls for Volunteers 7/22/10

Reverend Middleton Sees Important Labor Action in San Francisco 7/21/10

Pete Sessions Wants Your Children 7/23/10

Dallas News Conference Demands Jobs 7/2/10

"Jobs Not War" is a Good Slogan for Peace Movement 7/2/10

Stand with Us for Jobs on Friday, July 2 6/30/10

Green Jobs and Post Office Cuts Featured on KNON's "Workers Beat" 6/21/10

North Texans Plan the Battle Against Jobs Crisis 6/10/10

Reverend Stovall Hosted Reverend Lucius Walker 6/9/10

Please Attend June 9 Meeting on Ending the Jobs Crisis 6/7/10

Activists Leaflet Windpower Convention 5/26/10

Please Help! 5/14/10

JwJ Marches for Immigration Reform 5/2/10

Activist Mourn Workers Killed or Injured 4/28/10

April 28 Action Changed 4/25/10

Sign Up Now, While Scholarships Available, For Detroit Trip 4/16/10

Jobs with Justice Pickets and Leaflets at Bank of America 4/15/10

Action! More Action 4/09/10

Fort Worth Marches for Cesar Chavez Birthday 3/27/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Hosts Jobs Crisis Meeting 3/21/10

Cesar Chavez Celebrations Set 3/21/10

AFL-CIO Supports Health Care Bill 3/19/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Takes Action Against the Jobs Crisis 3/15/10

Action Happening, More Action Coming 2/27/10

Public Hearing Re-Scheduled as Unemployment Crisis Deepens 2/18/10

Videos from Jobs with Justice Activities 2/18/10

Workers Rights Board to Investigate Unemployment Issues 2/7/10

Texas AFL-CIO Discusses the Issues 2/7/10

Facts on Unemployment Revealed 2/7/10

News Conference Called on Jobs Crisis 2/2/10

Activist Brad Walker Creates a Good Petition for North Texans 2/2/10

Reverend James Lawson Visits Dallas for Black History Month 2/2/10

Dallas Labor Body Makes Early Endorsements 1/22/10

Jobs with Justice Joins MLK Parade 1/18/10

Immigrants Hold Rally in Dallas 1/17/10

Join the Fight Against the Jobs Crisis 1/11/10

ATU and low-wage transit riders need help!

Even more in 2010!

Fight the Jobs Crisis!

Activist Calls for Return of Works Progress Administration (WPA) 12/15/09

JwJ and LCLAA Spread Cheer and Turkey Dogs 11/27/09

Lots of Opportunities to Spread Holiday Cheer 11/26/09

Rally for Health Care and the Underemployed November 27! 11/22/09

Workers Rights Board Met November 20 11/22/09

North Texans Join in Austin Rally 11/15/09

Charter Buses Still Have Free Seats for Austin Health Care Rally11/13/09

Buses to Statewide Rally are FREE! 11/8/09

Buses Scheduled for November 14 Statewide Health Care Reform Rally 11/6/09

Everybody to Austin for State Health Reform Rally 10/28/09

Religious Leaders Make Staunch Allies 10/23/09

Health and Honduras, Everything Happening! 10/19/09

What Happens at a Jobs with Justice Meeting? 10/15/09

Ironworkers Need Our Help 10/15/09

Don't Wait to be Called, Join in the Planning 10/12/09

Crunch is ON for Health Care Reform 10/5/09

Activists Focus on Economic Justice 9/25/09

Insurance Company Picketed 9/24/09

Meet the Workers on the Front Lines of Labor's Battle 9/21/09

Rev Dr Joerg Rieger Joins Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller for September 25 Rally 9/18/09

North Texans Join in Fight for Economic Justice for Workers 9/12/09

Print Your Leaflet for September 25 Economic Fightback Event 9/12/09

Health Care Battles Continue 9/11/09

Workers Rights Board Investigates Construction Industry Conditions 9/5/09

Workers are Standing Up, Speaking Out 9/5/09

Labor History Matters 9/4/09

Workers Justice and Economic Fightback in September 9/3/09

Demand Return of Democracy in Honduras 8/26/09

Construction Unions Pull Together 8/18/09

Health Care Reform Activists Holding Their Own 8/17/09

We're Pitching In 8/12/09

Please Come to Jobs with Justice August 12 8/10/09

Gobblelization Blasted at Dallas Discussion 7/29/09

Lots of July Action 25th, 26th, and 3 on the 28th 7/24/09

UAW 218 Votes to End Strike at Bell Helicopter 7/22/09

Texas AFL-CIO Sharpen's Labor's Tools 7/16/09

Retirees Form Solidarity Car Caravan for UAW 218 7/10/09

Activists Demand Senator Hutchinson Support Health Care Reform 7/10/09

Communications Workers Call Health Care Rally 7/10/09

Even More Action Coming 7/7/09

Join us 2nd Wednesday 07/07/09

Tell Congress What You Want on Health Care 6/29/09

Dallas City Workers Rally Against Cuts 6/25/09

Get Informed and Organized for Health Care Reform 6/20/09

Strikers Need Support 6/20/09

City Employees and Supporters to Rally 6/19/09

How Can North Texans Confront the Economic Crisis? 6/11/09

Texas AFL-CIO Sets Golf Tournament 6/11/09

Jobs with Justice Meets June 10 6/9/09

Wal-Mart Workers Are Organizing! 6/3/09

JwJ Pickets for Employee Free Choice Act 5/30/09

Students and Religious Leaders Joining May 29 Action 5/27/09

Join Us for Street Action May 29! 5/20/09

Autoworkers Need Our Help 5/11/09

Union Food Drive May 9, Much Stuff Afterward 5/7/09

Save Communications and Auto Workers -- Save Yourself! 4/22/09

Unions Endorse Candidates for May 9 Elections 4/20/09

Christian Progressive Alliance Holds Good Friday March 04/10/09

Plan More Action April 8! 04/06/09

Cesar Chavez Would be Fighting for the Employee Free Choice Act Today! 03/28/9

United Food and Commercial Workers Kicking Off New Program 03/26/09

Rally Saturday for Right to Organize and Cesar Chavez 03/24/09

Aghast? Or Are you Ready to Do Something about this Crisis? 03/10/09

Let's Get Active on Unemployment and Under-Employment! 3/6/09

KNON Will Celebrate Women 3/5/09

Activists Thank Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson 2/20/09

Tarrant County Labor Stressed Employee Free Choice Act 2/19/09

Get Yourself a Speaker for the Employee Free Choice Act! 02/13/09

We Will Help National Lobbying Effort 02/09/09

Our Side Pushes Hard for Employee Free Choice Act 02/4/09

Dallas MLK March/Parade Had Diverse Participation 01/17/09

Dallas AFL-CIO Starts 2009 01/16/09

Teamsters Take Big Win for Our Side! 01/16/09

Plan for More Action 01/11/09

Pancho Medrano Honored Again 1/10/09

The Fight for Single Payer Health Care is On (Again) 1/7/09

Into the Streets in 2009! 1/6/09