Wal Mart Workers Participate in National Day of Activities

Thirteen OUR Walmart supporters, members of UFCW Local 1000 and Local 540, and Jobs with Justice met at the Walmart store on Forest Lane in Lake Highlands April 24 to give customers information about Walmart's appalling treatment of workers.

walmart workers leafletted cars

Walmart workers, or "associates." as they are called, have been demanding transparent work scheduling and the opportunities to actually have full-time employment, but the company has not made an effort to correct the situation. Many workers cannot schedule childcare, further their education, or take on additional jobs because Walmart refuses to let workers know ahead of time when their shifts will be. The majority of workers are also given part-time status with no benefits making it virtually impossible to support a family on a Walmart salary.

Many customers have noticed the declining conditions at Walmart stores: long lines and empty shelves are the consequences of the drastically reduced hours for associates. The leaflets shared today at over 150 stores nationwide are calling on customers to talk to Walmart store managers to give workers the hours they need to adequately staff the store.

Even with these difficulties Walmart is still making $16 billion in profits a year giving the Walton family alone as much wealth as 42% of American
families. Does that seem fair?

--Rosemarie Rieger


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