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Dallas AFL-CIO Interviews Scholarship Applicants

Every year, the Texas AFL-CIO sponsors $1,000 scholarships for children of union families. Union activists across the state do the initial testing and interviews. The Dallas AFL-CIO, under principal officer Jim McCasland, carried out our work on March 27 at the CWA hall, 1408 N Washington in Dallas. The hardest thing about doing these interviews is selecting only three from all the fully qualified and deserving applicants.

The students take a written exam, then wait, usually with their parents (In this photo, which one do you think is the parent?) until Brother McCasland ushers them, one at a time, before the panel of 3. There, they are asked about their academic background, work history, and family situation. Usually, a few questions about their knowledge and attitude about labor are thrown in.

One of the best questions, asked by Danny Lich of the Elevator Constructors, is "What does 'AFL-CIO' stand for?" Do you know?









All of our union progeny were brilliant, dedicated, and full of the future. Just meeting them was a great inspiration to the union activists. The selection panel was in a real quandary!


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