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Reverend Stovall will Address JwJ Meeting

The Referend L Charles Stovall, one of Dallas' most important civil rights leaders ever, will address the April 11 Jobs with Justice meeting. We begin at 7 PM at the Oak Cliff Methodist Church, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas. The Reverend will explain the importance of bringing local progressive organizations together. North Texas Jobs with Justice, with Reverend Stovall's guidance, has worked on building our strong progressive coalition throughout our existence.

As always, urgent challenges need our immediate attention. Among them are these:

The Employee Free Choice Act, passed in the House and scheduled for the Senate, is the most important legislation affecting organizing since the 1930s. JwJ has already sent hundreds of petitions in, and we continue to spread the word and build solidarity to win this battle.

Fair Trade, as opposed to the Bush Administration's "Free Trade, or "Gobblelization," has another crisis coming. There are four major "agreements" headed for Congressional (dis) approval: Panama, Peru, Colombia, and Korea. Some of the newly-empowered Democrats in Congress would like to improve on these secret pacts, but they will have little opportunity to change them under the "Fast Track" procedure that prevails. "Fast Track" lets the Administration push deals through Congress with insufficient discussion and entirely no chance to make amendments.

"Fast Track" authorization itself comes up for renewal at the end of June. Progressive Americans have to stop it. Since the first gobblelization pact, the "North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)" was passed, Americans have seen their jobs disappear, their wages bottlenecked, even more pollution, and a flood of immigrants from countries ruined by international economic policies.

Jobs with Justice held a very successful celebration for Cesar Chavez' birthday on March 31, and expects to participate in "Cinco de Mayo" activities with a strong anti-gobblelization message. Broad coaltions of progressive organizations are needed. Please join us Wednesday.

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