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Understand Texas Workers' Comp?

The Workers Compensation Workshop tentatively scheduled for December 7th apparently will not take place. An insufficient number of people indicated interest and ability to show up for the event.

Kym Grant of the Doctor's Guild made the effort to get more people to come, but too few responded to justify a trip from Austin by two of the Texas AFL-CIO's most knowledgeable political

Texas AFL-CIO legislative experts Rick Levy and Walter Hinojosa were coming here from Austin to address the situation. Grant said, "If the RSVP is too low the meeting will not take place, so please, please RSVP to the Dallas AFL-CIO immediately! We must mobilize for this session or we will have to live with THEIR decisions, and we all know how devastating that could be. Please do you best to make it to this very important meeting. Jim McCaslin will decide on Monday of next week as to if this meeting is a "go" based on the amount of response. Please spread the word to other Union members so that we can all be united in this fight."

Attorney Rick Levy is an outstanding expert on Texas Workers' Comp problems. He also conducts dynamite workshops, as he did at the recent Texas AFL-CIO Legislative Conference. For a summary of that conference, see

It may be possible that the labor movement can attend Workers Compensation workshops in Austin, once schedules are completed.