Crunch is On for Health Care Reform

David Elliott from the Progressive Center of Texas called KNON "Workers Beat" program 10/5 at 7:30 AM to ask people to participate in a phone bank at La Maedeleine restaurant on Lemon near the intersection with Oak Lawn. It takes place 5:30 to 7 PM on Tuesday, Oct 6. He said a public action was being planned for the following weekend. David works with the Progressive Center of Texas.

The corporate media is focusing on the bill being considered in the Senate Finance Committee. Of all 5 Congressional Committees, this is the least favorable one for working people. Nobel economist Paul Krugman says that the insurance executives, on the other hand, just love it! By making it sound as if the Senate Finance Committee version were the only version possible, the corporate media is giving the insurance executives side of the argument a big boost.

Progressive organizations such as unions are exhorting everybody to call congress and tell them to reject that worst version of health care reform. They want the Kennedy-Dodd version from the other Senate Committee. It includes the public option that insurance executives hate so much.

Below is the leaflet being circulated in United Auto Workers Region 5, which includes Texas and 16 other states:

leaflet from UAW Region 5 on Health Care Reform