Protesters Cleared, Occupation Continues to Need Support

One of the many videos taken of the November 5th protest at Bank of America in downtown Dallas seems to exonerate the protesters and indict the bank. We had explained earlier that an employee of Bank of America had started all the problems by pushing protesters off a 4 foot wall on the sidewalk. The video on YouTube proves it. Dallas police are re-thinking the criminal charges and even the Dallas newspaper, without retracting their earlier "news" about unprovoked violence from the protesters, has admitted to the truth.

Lesson: It's always good to bring a camera to a protest. It's the best protection you can possibly get!

This morning's visit to the camp site revealed by they need 8-10 trash cans. They say they have plenty of trash bags and people to pick up trash, but there just aren't enough cans because so many people are visiting the site every day. Plastic 55-gallon cans are available at a feed store on Maple, I was told.

Actions coming up on Thursday

On November 17th, two big actions are planned. At noon, there will be a rally to demand jobs and improvements to the nation's infrastructure. It will take place on the Houston Viaduct (bridge just south of Reunion Tower in Dallas). From 4 to 6 PM, there will be a rally at Doctor's Hospital, corner Buckner and Garland Road in East Dallas. The site is within Congressman Jeb Hensarling's district, and Hensarling is Co-Chair of the "super committee" planning to slash federal benefits.