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Write Your Congressman

If you write to Congressman Pete Sessions through his web page at, you might get a reply that DR-CAFTA, the latest gobblelization scheme, is going to be really great for working Americans. If you reply, the e-mail bounces. Here's the one I tried to send:

Dear Congressman,

Thank you for replying to my concerns about CAFTA. Please note that these
exact arguments were made about NAFTA, and it turned out to be pretty much
all lies. The source of those lies, then and now, was the US Chamber of
Commerce, which you are citing once again. If they ever had any credibility,
it is long gone. People who do have some credibility about this include my
friends who work(ed) for Carrier Air Conditioners in Waxahachie before they
moved their umpteenth plant to Mexico and dumped 600 North Texans into lives of
desperation and unemployment.

Your reply indicates that immigration problems would lessen under CAFTA, but
you must know better. The statistics for all industrialized countries, and
the corroboration of my friends who are actually immigrants, is that
neoliberalization exacerbates immigration problems. People in Guatemala are
getting killed because they oppose CAFTA, and you must surely be aware of

Your reply indicates that democracy would be served by CAFTA, and yet you
must know that the democratic movement in Latin America is almost completely
driven by opposition to neoliberalization. You must know that the most
repressive means by the most repressive governments are being taken to quash
opposition to the very thing you are claiming as an asset for democracy!

Your reply indicates that a rule of law would be strengthened under CAFTA.
But you must know that CAFTA, like NAFTA, provides the means for secretly
and undemocratically overriding the existing laws of the nations concerned.

The fact that you can quote the neoliberalizing ideologues as "sources of
fact" is hardly convincing, but shows that, in fact, there is no real
evidence that the American people will benefit from your supporting CAFTA.
Please reconsider.


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