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Jobs with Justice Stands with Steelworkers at Tyler

Four activists leafleted a Goodyear Tire store in Grand Prairie on Saturday, November 25. Passers-by were pleasant and helpful once they found out that we were there to help striking workers. One middle-aged man, however, showed us just how much work we have to do to convince Americans to practice true solidarity. He looked at our signs, "Restore Human Rights for America's Workers," then wadded up the leaflet and threw it out of his car while muttering, "F**k American Workers!"

After the store manager came outside and did his best to seem unconcerned, the Grand Prairie police showed up to try to intimidate us. As we were breaking no laws, not to mention having a good time, we continued our effort.

The volunteer leafleters were part of a national movement in solidarity with the Steelworkers on strike to save pensions and health care benefits. A special motivation for North Texans is to help save the old Kelly Springfield, now Goodyear, tire plant in Tyler. If nearly 1,000 Steelworkers lose their jobs in Tyler, the town will be devastated and the union movement in East Texas will be dealt a big setback.

USW746 in Tyler is a model union that has helped with solidarity for all unionists, including retirees moving back to rural areas, for many years.

Circle your calendars for a special day of solidarity with USW746 at 5 PM on December 7th. Top national and state union leaders will come in for a show of solidarity. For more on the Goodyear strike and the situation in Tyler, click here.

Kenny Winfree, Keith Winfree, and Stewart Minor leafleted on November 25. Leaflets question the safety of Goodyear tires that are currently being made by scabs.

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