North Texans join MoveOn at Health Care Cigna picket signRally

On Tuesday, September 22, 2009, approximately 50 north Texans showed up to rally for health care reform at Cigna corporate offices in Dallas. The event, "Big Insurance: Sick of It," was part of a 38-state effort to bring attention to the continuing efforts by private for-profit insurance companies to stifle much needed reform to the industry. Reportedly, in the second quarter of this year, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and other health care industry giants have spent over $133 million lobbying congress to stop any changes to the nation's current status quo health care woes.

The pro-reform rally goers braved the area's rainy weather, carrying signs and chanting for "health care reform NOW." No counter-protestors appeared, but the marchers were warmed and encouraged by the car horns and friendly waves from motorists passing by

-- Lisa Casey Perry



cigna picket

Photos by Lisa and David Perry