National Jobs with Justice is Purging Its Lists -- Great Battles Continue

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National Jobs with Justice plans to purge all their databases and remove everyone who hasn't responded lately. If you would like to stay on the active list, please sign up.

We continue to use e-mail service, our web page and "Gene Lantz" Facebook page to publicize worker justice events. Right now, we're focusing mainly on the jobs crisis, Walmart organizing, Verizon, and alerting people about the dangers of the Super Congress (Joint Deficit Reduction Committee). But we continue to publicize everybody's actions on behalf of worker justice.

Coming up:

"What Would You Say to the Super Congress?" 6 PM tomorrow, Saturday the 1st, at Barbec's Restaurant, 8949 Garland Rd in Dallas. I'm the speaker for this meeting of the College of Complexes.

Monday, Oct 3 at 7 AM. Rev Bill Matthews will be my guest on radio KNON, 89.3 FM and We'll be talking about the Super Congress' threat to retiree rights

Press conference on the war in Afghanistan at 10 AM Monday, Oct 3, at Dallas Peace Center, 5910 Cedar Springs

Oct 6, 9 AM: I understand that somebody is organizing a march that starts at Pike Park

Oct 7, 11:30 AM: Every "First Friday" there's a jobs vigil at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 525 W Griffin in Dallas

Oct 13: is planning an action around the Super Congress.
The worldwide "austerity plan" for workers and retirees is going on here just as it is going on in Greece and most other countries. Slowly, the progressive groups and individuals are starting to pull together. Let's continue being part of that, please!

in solidarity