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Dear Activists,
North Texas Jobs with Justice met Dec 10 at 7 PM at Oak Cliff Methodist 547 E Jefferson:

The Friday Dec 12 "People's Bailout" rally will be at 101 S Locust St in Denton. It will start at 2:30pm, and last about 2 hours. Dallasites will gather in the North End of the big parking lot on the West side of Highway 35 at Northwest Highway. There's a movie, a Red Lobster, and a Olive Gardens restaurant there. Meet us at 1:15 and we'll make it to Denton at 2:30 PM.

We began by commemorating the 60th anniversary of International Human Rights Day. This year, there were demonstrations all over America over the Republic Windows and Doors employees sitting in their plant in Chicago. Other demands include the People's Bailout and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Eddy Herrera, Don Campion, and Dan Williams recounted the 60-year history of Human Rights Day

"Day of Immigrants" Dec 18 at Oak Cliff Methodist at 6 PM.

KENNETH STRETCHER (pictured in dark jacket) issued An invitation to attend contract negotiations between SEIU Local 100 and CTJ Maintenance(A minimum wage labor contractor in the city of Dallas) 5353 Maple ave, Suite 200. on the 2nd floor of the 2 story building at Maple and Butler. 12/17/08, 1:00pm. Phone for information: 214/288-8506

Marc Jacobson will be at the next Dallas SweatFree Campaign meeting on Thursday, December 18th. (at Northaven?)

Kwanzaa will focus on several important workers issues.

The Communications Workers will take a major hit during the AT&T layoff of 12,000 workers.

It's time for a "People's Bailout" that fixes the real economy, restores a voice for working people in challenging corporate greed, provides emergency help to the victims of the crisis and begins building a fair economy that works for all.

We plan to march in the Dallas MLK parade on January 17.

I will speak on the Employee Free Choice Act on radio 1360 AM Thursday night beginning at 7:15 PM.

love & solidarity



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