Jobs with Justice Needed More than Ever!

I can't hold our usual 2nd Wednesday meeting for November because I'm leaving town. But the need for "street heat" organizations like Jobs with Justice has grown immeasurably since the big money started buying out America's elections..

Unemployment Benefits Extensions Running Out

Retirement Benefits are in Jeopardy!

Here are opportunities to fight for worker justice!

Jobs today, Jobs Tomorrow

Moving from a military to peacetime economy

Saturday, November 13, 2010
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Interfaith Peace Chapel, 5910 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas
Dr. Lloyd Jeff Dumas
Professor of economics at UT-Dallas and an internationally renowned expert on Economic Conversion: War to Peace and Peacekeeping Economies

Nancy Hall
Legislative secretary of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Local 6215
Ms. Hall will reveal how corporations are killing the labor movement by using new methods to create lower paying jobs and leaning more on contractors. She will discuss the steps we can take to challenge this trend.

Leonard Hammonds II
Campaign Director, Texas Organizing Project (TOP) -- Dallas Construction Career Project

As Parkland Hospital starts to release construction jobs, Mr. Hammonds encourages the community to rally for training, a living wage and work with dignity.

Sponsored by:
a. Peacemakers Incorporated
b. Jobs With Justice
. Students for a Democratic Society
e. Communication Workers of America, Local 6215
. Texas Organizing Project
g. Dallas Peace Center
h. .and more!

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Reverend Middleton writes that his church may be sponsoring the legislative training for the Build a Better Texas coalition from Workers Defense Project. November 19th. More information: (512.391.2305)


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