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Unionists Call on Religious Leaders

On May 9, at the end of the Texas AFL-CIO political convention, top state and national leaders went into Dallas to meet with Reverend L. Charles Stovall and other religious leaders at St Paul's United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas. The discussion was on ways that unions and churches could unite on social justice issues. Jobs with Justice has partnered with the National Interfaith Committee for Workers Justice for many years, but there have been few united actions other than the annual "Labor in the Pulpit" program on Labor Day.

Reverend Stovall, who is especially well known as a civil rights leader, assembled other active ministers. Dr. Jeorg Rieger of the Perkins School of Theology at Souther Methodist University brought some of his colleagues from the academic community.

Thanks to 16 years of ongoing work among progressive organizations, Jobs with Justice played a good role in helping bring activists together. Our unity and effectiveness can only get better.

Reverend Minor made a point while AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Becky Moehller (left) and Reverend Diane Presley listened


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