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Let's Send These People to Washington DC!

Since Cindy Sheehan galvanized the United States into anti-war action, thousands of new activists are trying to find the way to be most effective. Many of them have already decided to go to the National Anti-War March in Washington DC on September 24, but not all of them have the means to do it. The volunteers pictured above need your help!

The Dallas Peace Center (www.dallaspeacecenter.org) is organizing travel. For most people, airplane tickets are the best possibility. For others, ground transportation will do. It is a 25-hour drive straight through from Dallas to DC. The first van from Dallas, driven by volunteer Jeff Robinson, expects to take a more leisurely approach.

As our data base grows, we will march those who can go with those who can pay until we have maximized the number of North Texans marching in the Texas delegation in Washington.

Let's have a party!

A fund-raiser is planned for 7-9 PM on Monday, September 12, at the Nodding Dog Coffee Shop, in the Bishop Street Arts District, 500 N Bishop Ave, Dallas 75208 (214-941-1166 if directions are needed). Make checks to "Dallas Peace Center" and send them to 4301 Bryan # 202, Dallas, TX 75204-8147. The sooner your donation is counted, the sooner we can commit to send another person to DC!

If you need more information, please contact Gene Lantz at [email protected]

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