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JwJ is Here to Stay!

At this point, the Sunday before Labor Day, Jobs with Justice activists can be proud of one of the most successful seasons we have ever had. More congregations will include Labor Day in their services than at any time in the past. Our "Labor in the Pulpits" program continues to bring unions and religious leaders together. At least 12 religious leaders are expected to join us at the Jobs with Justice table at tomorrow's Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast.

We had at least 60 celebrants at our fiesta on the first evening of the long weekend, and they were the diverse crowd that JwJ brings together. Civil rights activists visited with union members, immigrants visited with native Texans, and religious leaders passed the time with aity. All of us talked about the challenges and opportunities before us, and all of us looked for ways that we could help one another.

Gerardo Contreras, President of Mid-Cities LCLAA (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement) did a great deal of the work with his mobile barbecue unit. He had help from UAW Local 848 members like Joe Gomez and Mike Davis, and from CWA 6215 members like Nancy Hall, who kept the union building open for the party. As it turned out, we didn't use the building at all, but remained outside as the shaded evening grew, at summer's ebb, tolerable in temperature.

Sister Diana Flores of the MegaVoto Coalition was there to encourage participation in voter registration. Margarita Alvarez of Guatemaltecos Unidos asked everyone to attend an immigrants' rights march on Monday. Elaine Lantz explained a tremendous threat from the National Labor Relations Board that might take away union rights from millions of Americans. Click on the underlined words to learn more.

I climbed up on the back of Mike Davis' pickup to proclaim that Jobs with Justice will continue bringing together people, organizations, and ideas that strengthen our progressive movement. North Texas Jobs with Justice is here to stay!

--Gene Lantz



Katy Hubener hugged Jay Dunn and Cindy Fitch at the fiesta

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