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Tarrant County AFL-CIO Is Committed to Free Choice

The Tarrant County Central Labor Council meets on 3rd Tuesdays. The president of the state federation, Becky Moeller attended on February 17 and swore in the new officers.

Officers of the Tarrant County Central Labor Council were sworn in by Becky Moeller of the Texas AFL-CIO

She emphasized the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act for all working people. Getting this bill passed through the U.S. Congress is no run-of-the-mill task. She said, "It's a gut issue!" Congresspersons who have not already signed on to co-sponsor the bill should be hearing from their union constituents.

Gene Lantz of North Texas Jobs with Justice also spoke on the same issue. President T.C. Gillespie emphasized the bill, but also talked about several local issues. The Fort Worth Ballet is trying to replace musicians with music that was recorded in China. Gillespie called for the unionists to stand with the Musicians Union (AFM 72-147).



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