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JwJ Continues Commitment to Justice for Workers

Joerg and Rosemarie Rieger gave a wonderful report from their recent 3-month stay in South Africa. They have a lot of excellent photos that back up their excellent analysis of the economic and political situation there. We met on the 2nd Wednesday at 7 PM at at Oak Cliff Methodist, 547 E Jefferson in Dallas.

Gene Lantz reported on the national Jobs with Justice conference, which included the new trend toward organizing low-wage workers of all kinds in "workers centers," rather than in traditional unions. Dallas needs such a center, or half a dozen of them. Study up at Try to figure out how we could finance such a thing here!

Ironworkers Local 807, a local created specifically for organizing, has joined our chapter and wants to talk about strengthening all our efforts. The group committed to developing a series of delegations to Dallas-area construction companies to talk about mistreatment of workers at Great Western Erectors. The first delegation will be in downtown Dallas on Tuesday, May 20.

As always, we continue to assist unions and other progressive organizations, such as the living wage campaign at Dallas City Hall and the protests around the

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