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Texans Will Attend National JwJ Conference

These young people will need donations for air fare

What North Texas needs is a solid cadre of young activists. Jobs with Justice is working to get as many people as possible to attend the National Jobs with Justice conference, May 2-4 in Providence, Rhode Island. Several young people have already volunteered. Brent Herndon, Ricki Dorsey, and Brad Jansen are pictured. Ben Wheeler and Omar Hernandez have also come forward. It will cost approximately $500 to send each of these youth activists to the conference, but we will be reaping the dividends in North Texas for years to come!

Jobs with Justice conferences bring the best activists in the nation together. They hear top organizers from America and other lands. They attend workshops to learn how to get things done. They make contacts with like-minded activists from everywhere. They gather the best knowledge that is available. They come home energized, ready to make a difference, and capable of changing thoughts into action!

Contact Gene Lantz if you would like to go to the conference, or if you would like to help us get the largest and best possible delegation. If you would like to donate toward sending the young North Texans, click here. Or, write your check to "North Texas Jobs with Justice" and send to Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222.

For more info about the conference, click here.

JOBS WITH JUSTICE NATIONAL CONFERENCE May 2-4, 2008 in Providence, Rhode Island

The 2008 JwJ National Conference will attract a diverse group of more than 1,000 labor, community, student, and religious activists from across the country and the world for sessions on building power for workers, health care for all, immigrant rights, the campaign for a floor wage in Asia, student and youth organizing, low-income worker organizing, music, art, fun, and more!



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For more than a decade, the Jobs with Justice National Conference has provided activists with a space to come together to celebrate our victories, share our experiences, learn new skills, and build stronger relationships. Year after year this inspiring gathering brings together leaders and activists from around the country and the world who are working to build powerful coalitions for workers' rights and economic justice. The conference combines skills-building and information-sharing workshops with issue-focused strategy sessions to provide opportunities for participants to deepen their commitment to Jobs with Justice at a national level, and to take concrete plans of action back to their local coalitions. In addition to plenary sessions with distinguished speakers and skills-building workshops, the JwJ conference is an opportunity to celebrate the work that local coalitions have done over the last year and to have some serious fun! At each National Conference, we also identify a local campaign where national presence can make a difference and we organize an action to call attention to the campaign.

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