Please Stand with Us Against the Jobs Crisis!

Three actions this week!

National Call Day Tuesday, November 30:

If Congress doesn't extend unemployment benefits immediately, 800,000 unemployed workers will lose all income right away! By Christmas, over 2 million will lose it, then it just gets worse as the unemployment crisis continues to ravage America. Call both Senators toll free at 877-662-2889. Tell them something like this: “Unemployment is still at record levels, and emergency benefits for workers who have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks are scheduled to expire November 30th. I urge you to renew them immediately. We need help for the unemployed, not tax cuts for the rich!” Related labor organizations are saying to call 1-866-529-7630 and tell Senators and Representatives not to cut Social Security and raise the retirement age. If older people can't retire, then younger people can't find jobs! Either number will probably do.

Protest with us on Thursday, December 2

Join us at 2 PM on Thursday at the Communications Workers of America Local 6215 hall, 1408 N Washington in East Dallas. December 2 is the day after the so-called "Fiscal Responsibility" committee will recommend cutting retiree benefits and raising the retirement age. This is not just a retiree issue, but affects everybody! December 2 is also the day before the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases more incredibly dismal unemployment statistics.

Support the Dallas Peace Center December 2

With the slogan "Money for jobs, not for war!" the Dallas Peace Center has been throwing themselves into the battle against unemployment. They are holding their annual banquet at 7 PM. Doubletree Hotel, 4099 Valley View Ln, Call 214-823-7793 for tickets. Reception at 5:30.

Gene Lantz




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