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Congressman Sessions Gets Better Pay and Benefits Than Auto Workers

Sessions for "Deeper Union Concessions!"

Congressman Pete Sessions of Preston Hollow has made his animosity toward American auto workers clear. On what he calls the "high side" of the newest auto-loan plan, he says, "...the President's plan calls for the elimination of the Jobs Bank Program (salary wages for laid-off employees) and for work rules and wages that are competitive with transplant (foreign) automakers in America by December 31, 2009. As I stated in last week's newsletter, I favored a House Republican alternative plan that would have facilitated American automaker restructuring through pre-packaged bankruptcy., the use of privately-funded and government-backed insurance, and deeper union concessions and financial restructuring requirements."

In his previous weekly newsletter, he said that United Auto Workers have "unreasonable" wages and benefits. He didn't mention his own, which would include a $169,300 salary. That's $81.39/hour if he actually worked the nominal 8-hour day, 2080 hours/year (he doesn't). And that's before any of his perks and benefits get counted.

While Sessions does not pay into Social Security, or any retirement plan, he gets a free handout for the rest of his life from taxpayer money. See

He also gets a great health care plan: In an excerpt from his new book, Practicing Medicine Without a License, Don Sloan, M.D., shows that members of Congress enjoy health coverage with unlimited doctor visits, no deductibles and no co-pays -- all for $35 a month. See

Sessions and the rest of the politicians who do not want to save the American auto industry are riding high on our taxes.

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