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Congresswoman E.B. Johnson has 4 Town Hall Meetings

While listening to Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson speak on Social Security at the Communications Workers Hall on March 4, participants learned of three more open opportunities to learn more and to show support. The most public event will be at the downtown Dallas Public Library on Sunday, March 6 at 6 PM. Everyone was also invited to join the Postal Clerk's union at 2010 Postal Way in Dallas at 10 the following morning. A Teamster invited everyone to their hall, 1007 Jonelle Street in Dallas, at 10 AM Sunday.

At the CWA Hall, there were 110 people from several different unions and other progressive organizations such as the NAACP and the AARP. Most, but not all, of the participants were seniors.

Congresswoman Johnson and Dr. Peggy Wilder of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) asserted that there is no crisis in Social Security and that President Bush's proposals would cause much greater economic problems for America.

The AARP has set up a toll-free number for calling Congress: 1-800-846-8610.

She went on to say that President Bush has so far presented no actual plan. She said, "The President has not offered us a plan. All he's talking about is privatizing." She described the privatization scheme as "a hoax."

The meeting concluded with a short slide show prepared by the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA).



The facts are strong:

  • 1. Social Security is not in immediate danger

  • 2. Even if it were, privatization would not help

  • 3. Bush's "solution" would actually make our economic situation, especially the deficit, much worse

  • 4. There are many simple methods to get more funds into Social Security when needed. Privatization is not "the only solution;" it isn't a solution at all!

The AFL-CIO petition is at For a printable version in Word format, contact me.

Please attend a Social Security meeting with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at 2 PM Friday, March 4, at 1408 N Washington.