Romney Protested at Luxury Dallas Hotel

clara faulkner

"We--Are--the Forty-Seven Percent!" was a popular chant outside the Hilton Anatole, Market & I35E in Dallas, on the evening of September 18. Everyone was laughing about Mitt Romney's latest blooper, where somebody caught him on a video saying that he considered it his job to ignore 47% of the American voters.

MoveOn, Code Pink, Jobs with Justice, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, and others had decided to stand outside while presidential candidate Mitt Romney was inside collecting fabulous campaign donations from some of the richest people in North Texas. It cost $25,000 to get one's photo taken with Romney, and another $50,000 to stay for dinner! The newspaper said he drew about 500 people there.

We had less than 100 outside, but we were full of enthusiasm from 4 PM to 7 PM. The Code Pink folks dressed up in their billionaire's costumes again and, again, got most of the newspersons' attention. When some actual Romney supporters brought a big banner, the Code Pink folks surrounded them and made the whole group look like part of the satire!

The driveway was like a luxury automobile show. I'd never seen a Bentley before. There were Jaguars, Porshe's, BMW's and a several Arlington-made Cadillac Escalades. At least a few of them bought American cars! Except for the chauffeurs, they were all white and old.

Among my many friends at the protest were some Ironworkers, some Transport Union workers, some Autoworkers, and some Food & Commercial Workers. It's good to see so many union folks joining the protests.

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