Activists March on Good Friday

Some of the most devoted, courageous, and consistent activists in North Texas are in Christian groups. Activists from unions and the various other movements for social change are making a big mistake if they dismiss them.christian marcher with sign

The Dallas Area Progressive Christian Alliance carried out its Good Friday march through downtown on April 22. A lot of the placards carried scripture, but others pointed to the rotten conditions that many Americans are being forced to live under today. "Budgets are Moral Documents" was a popular slogan. It highlights the devastating budgets being passed by anti-worker politicians at the federal and state level.

"You cannot serve God and Mammon" was carried along with "17% of Texans live in poverty!"

Reverend Gerald Britt, Reverend Jo Hudson, and Reverend Ed Middleton were the three speakers. Hudson and Britt both made it clear that the true message of Good Friday is a call to action. Rather than admiring Jesus, we should strive to be more like him, they said. Reverend Middleton's turn came when the group stopped in front of the giant "Comerica Bank" skyscraper. Although he usually smiles when he says it, he puts out from-the-shoulder tough talk. Middleton told the 50 marchers that he was tired of hearing preachers and politicians deliver mystical orations on Jesus' simple statement, "I thirst." The suffering Jesus' genuine need for relief, the Reverend said, was reflected a million times among the downtrodden people of America today.

Another popular Easter sermon topic that Reverend Middleton disassembled was "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." He said that the perpetrators of injustice in America today could not hide behind their excuses of ignorance. They know what they are doing, the Reverend said, and righteous anger, not forbearance, is our proper response.




Rev Ed Middleton downtown




Kim Batchelor and her husband Ron Wilhelm get a committee together to carry out the march every year. James Kille, who carried the cross in front of the march this year, is one of their strongest activists. The march actually has a long history, because the Catholic activist group, Pax Christi, organized it for several years before the newer group took over. It's a terrific annual action!