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“Thanks” for Employee Free Choice

On February 18, twenty-three union supporters dropped in on Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas to tell her, “Thank you for co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act!”Congresswoman visited with Jobs with Justice activists

The Congresswoman graciously sat down for an unscheduled half-hour visit in which she heard personal accounts of what is wrong with the present labor law.





Congresswoman spoke with Nurse Rossia AveryOne of the delegates was Nurse Rossia Avery (right), who was fired after making public appearances on behalf of a union organizing drive among registered nurses. Despite hardships, Avery and other nurses continue to stand up for their co-workers’ rights and the Employee Free Choice Act.



Others talked about the ways that employers ride roughshod over their employees under present law:

Presently, big-money employers are concentrating on stopping the Employee Free Choice Act, which would provide a new, alternate, and much easier way for workers to organize themselves. On the workers’ side are American unions, unorganized workers, and union supporters such as Jobs with Justice, ACORN, and the Sierra Club.

A bunch of us came to the Congresswoman


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