Walmart Employees and Customers Get the Truth

On June 7, while hundreds of Walmart employees were protesting the stockholders meeting in Arkansas, local North Texans continued handing out important information to Walmart employees and customers. This time, the United Auto Workers was taking the lead.

UAW 276, the General Motors workers in Arlington, went to two stores in the Grand Prairie area, according to Romeo Munoz, President of UAW 848. Munoz was leading his own team to the Cockrell Hill store in western Dallas. He was joined by activists from the Workers Defense Project and Jobs with Justice. For a very short video, click on

About half the group went into the store and leafleted the employees there. The UAW had professionally-engineered leaflets. Jobs with Justice had made some of their own from downloaded internet material. The text read: "Thank You! Thank You! Keep up the good work. We support the workers of OUR Walmart and we are ready to put an end to Walmart’s unfair labor practices! As community members we want to thank you and we appreciate your hard work. Walmart is so success because of you, the associate. Mike Duke, the CEO of Walmart, makes 1000x more than the average worker at Walmart. Walmart can do better than that! This is why members of the Organization for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) are at the shreholders’ meeting in Bentonville today urging Walmart to publicly commit to better working conditions: more fhours, more scheduling flexibility, more respect, and increasing pay for associates to at least $25,000/year. For more information visit: To learn more about Jobs with Justice visit: Or e-mail: [email protected]."

Petitions for Walmart ManagementThe rest talked to customers in the parking lot and gathered additional petitions in support of the workers. They had a lot of them as the picture shows.


As the project began to finish, President Munoz and Jobs with Justice leader Rosemarie Rieger took pages of petitions in to the store's manager. He accepted them and said that he would pass them on to higher management.







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