Activists Continue Health Care Push

Several Jobs with Justice activists joined the group who tried to see Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson at her Dallas office on July 9. Even though they paid the taxes that paid for the building, the police were called on them and they had to go out on the street.

women who want health care reform

Rosemarie Rieger, Anika Rieger, and Elaine Lantz want reform! Photo by Helen Rieger

Eventually, a couple of people were accepted into Hutchinson's office, where they learned from a staffer that the Senator has no opinion about anything concerning health care.

Apparently, professional reporters don't get the same runaround, because the Dallas paper report said that Hutchinson and Senator Cornyn are both against the key provision of the health care reform bills being considered -- the public option.

Health care activities will continue throughout the year until Congress finally passes something. A major rally is planned for July 18.


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