What's Going On? Just About Everything!

We're asked to participate in protests over tax day on Monday, April 18. Contact MoveOn. One is at 10 AM at Bank of America in Irving, 2520 West Irving Boulevard. MoveOn blasts the big corporations that are raking in billions in profits yet paying little or nothing in American taxes.

Our regular Second Wednesday meeting on April 13 had a lot of content. Jim Rivers reported briefly on the incredible nationwide labor upsurge and Texas' part in it.

We talked mostly about building up our efforts to help the unemployed and underemployed. We're gathering information on this site. Thanks to Brad Walker for supplying most of it. We've also committed to join a nationwide effort for vigils on the first Friday of each month. That's when they announce the latest statistics on unemployment. They're celebrating because the numbers are seen as less horrible than previously, but there's still nothing to celebrate. We make the point that government has virtually no serious effort to combat unemployment. Kenneth Stretcher, at the meeting pointed out that the current emphasis on cutting government spending actually takes us 180 degrees away from confronting the job crisis. The cuts will make unemployment worse, and the "tight money" policy being advocated will create more unemployment while making it even more unbearable.

Dr Isabel DoCampo is working to get the Workers Rights Board together. She's hoping to do it August 25, but details have not been announced yet.

The Texas AFL-CIO is going to let Jobs with Justice have a free table at their convention June 9-11 at the Sheraton Hotel, Esters Rd & Hiway 114 in Irving. We'll be looking for volunteers to staff the table and ask people to sign our pledge cards. We will not be attempting to raise money, because the labor movement needs every cent it can get for their legislative program.

Richard Stephens reports that student interest in Jobs with Justice is on the increase at Texas Weslayan College. About 20 young people are attending their meetings and several of them might be interested in attending the Jobs with Justice conference in Washington DC on August 5-7. We're calling for people to volunteer to go and, of course, let us know how much of the travel/registration/hotel fee they can cover. The way we usually do it is to take the ones who can pay the most first in order to maximize the size of our delegation. Last time, though, just about everybody who wanted to go was able to go. It's fun and informative for everyone, but especially for younger activists.

Sayed Hassan believes that American consciousness has risen to the point that everyone should be getting interested in Jobs with Justice or some other form of coalition for economic justice. We're ready