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Government Bureau Threatens all Workers

At the Jobs with Justice Labor Day Fiesta on September 1, Elaine Lantz told activists about a decision pending before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which threatens the rights of millions of Americans. Over 100 union organizing drives are being delayed until the decision is finalized, because it goes to the heart of the NLRB's definition of a union bargaining unit.

Three cases were combined under the name "Kentucky River" decision. According to the AFL-CIO, the Bush Administration is behind this new and perilous union attack, and is refusing to hear oral arguments. The cases focus on the definition of a “supervisor.” If that definition is broadened to include skilled, experienced workers who sometimes instruct co-workers, hundreds of thousands of employees could lose their contract protections and union rights. In manufacturing, lead men might be left out of the union. Health care workers, who often supervise trainees and volunteers, might be disqualified from union membership. In the building trades, where experienced workers often supervise trainees, unions might be devastated!

Elaine Lantz is working with National Jobs with Justice to let everybody know about this important threat. Materials are en route as Labor Day approaches. All workers have a stake in making sure that the NLRB does not evaporate our union rights!


Elaine Lantz is speaking to audiences of workers


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