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Just as the AFL-CIO is calling for us to call 1-888-355-3588 and speak to our congresspersons against CAFTA, comes this note:

April 27 Action Was Terrific!

On to April 28!

The Dallas "Move On" rally was one of four within an hours' drive. Denton, Tyler, and Ft Worth also had protests at the same time. Dallas seemed to have no organized groups. We were a crowd of 200 angry American strangers.I have been at most of the pickets and rallies here for 25 years, and I only knew 6 participants. All of the people I talked to knew even fewer.

We picketed, then we tried to follow the instructions Move On had sent us, but very few of us managed to form small groups and elect representative speakers.

Nevertheless, we managed to get a few. The very first one was a former Dallas judge who told us he lost his office during the "Gingrich Revolution." He cautioned us about the long-reaching effect of a judiciary that is appointed for life by rightwing crazies. The other speakers were notable for diversity and for their great concern about what is happening in the Congress. It is likely that none of them had ever spoken through a bull horn before. Unanimously, they asked to keep on fighting for democracy in America.

The last speaker asked if we were "people of faith," and almost everybody shouted "yes." He reflected the feelings of many of the participants in feeling that their religion was being hijacked and used for criminal acts.

When the bullhorn was shut down and the edges of the crowd began to break away, concerned Americans were still arriving.

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On the next day, April 28 at 6:30 PM, a Social Security Speakout is scheduled at 7940 Northhaven in Dallas. It will include a moment of silence for killed and injured workers, as Workers Memorial Day is being commemorated in 100 nations across the world.

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