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Get A Speaker on the Employee Free Choice Act!

If I can't get you a good speaker favoring the Employee Free Choice Act, I'll do it myself!

Gene Lantz, Ed. D.

A podcast of my basic presentation is on Facebook. Since 2006, I have worked to get this important labor legislation passed. It offers workers an alternative to the present, employer-biased, legal system for organizing unions. Basically, it would make it easier to organize unions.

Almost every victory for American working people was won between 1935, when the Roosevelt Administration made it easier to organize unions, and 1947, when anti-union legislation and pressure from employers began curtailing those rights. The current economic crisis, like the one that raged in 1935, can only be remedied when organized workers are empowered.

For the bosses' view, check out their recorded conversation on this web site:

The anti-worker forces, major employers, are focusing millions of dollars in an ad campaign to mislead Americans into thinking that the new legislation would curtail workers' rights under the old laws. Their argument is made all the more ridiculous when we realize that the old laws would not even be changed! The Employee Free Choice Act simply provides workers an alternate, easier, way to organize themselves.

Don't be misled! Get a speaker for your organization and find out the truth about the role of unions in American society and the Employee Free Choice Act! Attend one of the presentations already scheduled:

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