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Transport Workers Picket at Love Field

Transport Workers Union 555 picketed Southwest Airlines at Love Field on November 13, 2008. They are tired of waiting for this rich airline to do the right thing by its workers. Slogans on the robust picket line included, "What do you think of one percent? One percent won't pay the rent!" They also demanded cost of living pay.

Local 555 is a national union of that does baggage handling and other services for Southwest. They were joined on the picket line by officers and members of several other airline unions. One of the network TV stations covered the event. President Chuck Cerf expressed interest in appearing on the "Workers Beat" program on KNON radio. It runs from 8 to 9 AM every Wednesday on 89.3 FM and

Chuck Cerf

Thom McDaniel, President of TWU 556

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