Dallas AFL-CIO Calls for Volunteers

The Dallas AFL-CIO is circulating a form to ask for volunteers. Please print this one out, fill in your information, and return it to :

Janet Shaw, C/O Dallas AFL-CIO, 1408 N Washington#240, Dallas, TX 75204

Dallas AFL-CIO Volunteer Sign-Up

I will volunteer 5 times a year and will commit myself to the
following activities. I can be contacted for the areas checked

( ) I will make telephone calls to Union members.

( ) I will participate in door-door-membership GOTV
activities in Union neighborhoods.

( ) I will sign and mail cards to Union members.

( ) I will distribute yard signs after work on weekdays or
on Saturday.

( ) I will distribute Election Day polling signs on the way
to work.

( ) I will volunteer to serve committees such as on the Texas
AFL-CIO Scholarship Screening Committee.

( ) I will volunteer for membership GOTV activities in my

( ) I agree to participate in leafleting, informational picketing
or other peaceful group actions.

( ) I will help in registering members to vote.



LOCAL UNION________________ PRECINCT #_________

PHONE (h)_______________ (c)__________________


PCW #2348