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Workers Rights Board Seeks Justice for Workers

Drs Joerg Rieger (pictured) and Isabel DoCampo, both of Perkins School of Theology at SMU, are organizing an ongoing Workers Rights Board in North Texas. Its purpose is to investigate problems concerning worker justice, make recommendations, and take action where possible. The first effort took place December 13 in the Courtroom of Judge Luis Sepulveda in Oak Cliff.

Dr. Rieger presided, while Dr. DoCampo helped elicit testimony in English and Spanish from construction workers who seek justice for employees of Great Western Erectors. The construction company is a major sub-contractor that lays rebar metal rods in preparation for concrete pouring. They operate in several states. According to the testimony, their workforce is almost all Latino, and almost all ill-treated.

Issues involving safety on the job, provisions, and a general atmosphere of disrespect were brought up.

Listening to the testimony were a panel of community leaders that included 5 religious workers, 2 attorneys, 2 educators, and 3 social workers. They met together to analyze the testimony and make recommendations for further action.

It is anticipated that the Workers Rights Board will grow and become a strong line of defense for North Texas workers. Such boards are operating in conjunction with Jobs with Justice all over the nation.


Attorney Ed Cloutman made a point during the testimony


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