Activists Want Wind Power to Bring Good Jobs

one blade of a wind turbineActivists seeking justice for employees of Western Erectors, a major subcontractor in the construction industry, handbilled the Windpower 2010 Convention May 24-26 at the Dallas Convention Center. Participants in the convention passed by a single wind turbine blade that was mounted on trailers near the entrance. It was around 80 feet long!

Inside, one of the biggest booths was run by Wind Power Industry Group Co, LTD, which is one of the largest turbine manufacturers in China. They told local officials that they are hoping to establish a manufacturing facility in the Dallas area. North Texas already has a large number of aircraft manufacturers skilled in producing strong and light aerodynamic metal structures.

If construction takes place, all of it should be union!

Bush takes credit

Oilman GW Bush claimed credit for both Texas and U.S. advances in the use of alternative energy sources, according to the local paper.

Texas already claims to generate more electricity from wind than any other state.