On Wisconsin!

America's working people are fighting back against layoffs, cuts in services, and attacks on our right to organize. Wisconsin is the most prominent of several hot spots, just as Cairo was the most noted of the people's protests in Egypt. The Texas AFL-CIO is organizing a vigil in solidarity this Monday, February 21. See below for details.

Texans are forced to fight to preserve our schools, state services, and jobs. Please join Jobs with Justice in the fight. The events below are planned so far:

last 4 recessions


The jobs crisis is not going to get better until we take the initiative

Each of the last three recessions had more job losses and longer recovery periods than their predecessors. Jobs lost in the 2001 recession were not recovered until 2005, and the 2007 recession's deep job losses are not expected to be recovered for a much longer period of time.

Think about the timing! After 2001, we had another recession in 6 years. The next recession may begin by 2013, long before anybody expects us to recover the jobs lost in 2007! We can reasonably expect drastic new jobs losses on top of the continuing jobs crisis we are experiencing now!

We need to agree on a fightback program!

As we defend our jobs and services, we must never forget the more than 15 million unemployed Americans and their families. The only reasonable solution to this crisis is the same solution applied to the last great jobs crisis -- public works jobs! A good slogan combining the different aspects of our campaign is, "Defend and extend public jobs!" Jobs with Justice is building the same kind of unemployed council that was used in the 1930s to get jobs. We need the names and contact information for both the unemployed and those who are employed but want to help.


Below from the United Auto Workers:

For the last three days, tens of thousands of nurses, teachers, workers, students, and citizens have protested in front of the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison.
Governor Scott Walker is trying to cut benefits for state workers, and take away their collective bargaining rights - and he threatened to call out the National Guard if they protest.
Just hours ago, Democratic State Senators joined the protest and refused to show up for a vote -- delaying the budget vote indefinitely!
We must stand in solidarity with these Wisconsin citizens who are fighting back against the Governor. Can you sign our open letter? (Already, dozens of local and national leaders have joined us.)
Click tell the Wisconsin State Legislature to oppose Walker's budget and say no to his threat to use the National Guard against state workers!
Thousands have camped out in the capitol building overnight, a scene Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan had to admit was "like Cairo has moved to Madison."
So far, dozens of local Wisconsin leaders like Patrick Landgraf, President AFL-CIO Local 18 have signed on, and they're joined by the PCCC, VoteVets, CREDO Action, and Daily Kos.
We'll alert the media to the progress of this letter, as more and more people stand in solidarity against Gov. Walker's cuts and threats. So please pass this email to others.
Click here to sign the open letter in solidarity.
Thanks for being a bold progressive,
Stephanie Taylor, Jason Rosenbaum, Adam Green, and the PCCC team

Below from Texas AFL-CIO

Feb. 18, 2011  News Release

contacts: Becky Moeller or Ed Sills, (512)477-6195

Vigil in Solidarity With Wisconsin Workers Scheduled

The Texas AFL-CIO will lead a “candlelight” vigil – actually, a flashlight vigil – in solidarity with Wisconsin public employees that will feature a brief march to the street in front of the Capitol.

The event will begin at 6:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21, at the parking lot of Texas AFL-CIO headquarters, 1106 Lavaca St., in downtown Austin.

The all-cuts budgets introduced in the Texas Legislature would dramatically affect the futures of tens of thousands of teachers, correctional officers and other state employees,” Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller said. “Our fight for a balanced approach is under way and will grow as the legislative process continues.”

“But in Wisconsin, a newly elected governor is trying to deal out political punishment and take away workers’ fundamental rights in one over-reaching budget bill. As in Texas, the leaders in Wisconsin are misinterpreting their election mandate. Voters said resoundingly that they want jobs, not layoffs. They want good schools, not closed schools. And they want lawmakers to be responsive to them, not their well-heeled funders.”

“What’s being planned by the new leaders in Wisconsin is a crime of opportunity, and we intend to help take that opportunity away,” Moeller said.



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