Union Song Revival Developing Nicely

The Union Song Revival being planned for 1 PM July 24 at 2218 E Main in Grand Prairie now has two professional and three amateur performers signed up. Kym Grant has come on board and has contributed some great ideas. Union Steward Anthony Esparza has volunteered to sing the Farmworkers' song, "De Colores," and possibly more in Spanish. Graphics genius Brad Walker will perform some of his original works and may also chip in on creating some really valuable keepsake programs for the event.

Even though we hadn't originally thought about it, activists from the religious community have also started to make a big difference. Dr Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Chaplain at Baylor, wrote a song about Jobs with Justice's Workers Rights Board that we can use. Here are the lyrics:

Where Are Liberty and Justice?
Amos 4:1, 5:11-12, 24; Proverbs 1:20-23; 3:13-18

Where are liberty and justice when so many live in need?
Let us rise to caring action, showing faith and love through deeds.
Holy Wisdom, give us courage; help us be Your prophets bold,
joining You to end oppression, truth and fairness to uphold.

Now the rich are growing richer, while the poor cry in distress;
heads of corporations flourish, while the poor have less and less.
Unemployment still is growing; many more are underpaid;
give us power, Holy Wisdom, so that changes can be made.

How unjust that some make millions, crushing others with their greed,
basic rights of workers flaunting, never hearing those in need.
Holy Wisdom, come to help us faith communities unite,
moving hearts and changing systems, joining hands to work for right.

Holy Wisdom, send us forward, working for equality,
economic fairness bringing, making dreams reality.
As we join with those who suffer, fill us with Your loving care;
may we take your peaceful pathways, bringing justice everywhere.

Words © 2011 Jann Aldredge-Clanton EBENEZERor BEACH SPRING or

It's starting to look like an outstanding event. Please plan to come. Admission will be free, but JwJ will try to raise some money by selling some outstanding food.


I'm supposed to have Rinku Sen on my 7 AM July 11 Monday morning talk show. On July 17, I'll have union singer Kenny Winfree to help promote the Union Song Fest.


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