Turkey Dogs and Good Cheers Shared

Gerardo Contreras of Grand Prairie Labor Council for Latin American Advancement did almost all the work for our free "turkey dog roast" on behalf of health care reform and the unemployed on November 27. Jobs with Justice initiated the project as part of our initiative to begin advocating for the unemployed and underemployed during the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression

See the video of the event.

Gerardo Contreras

Contreras provided the music and cooked turkey dogs on his self-made "railroad locomotive grill." The event could not be called a success because no reporters came, but those who did come had a good time sharing food, swapping stories, and making more plans to work for health care reform, solving the jobs crisis, and other progressive causes.

Graphics Designer Brad Walker had created an excellent cartoon leaflet calling for the re-establishment of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Coincidentally, Lake Cliff Park, where we were meeting, was largely constructed out of native rock by government-paid workers from the WPA or possibly from the Civilian Conservatin Corps (CCC) from the 1930s. The natioal AFL-CIO and other progressive organizations are calling for government-created jobs programs now.

We were honored to have Reverend Ed Middleton and family, as well as Texas State AFL-CIO Financial Secretary Paul Brown in the group.


randall pritchell, joan killelea, and Paul Brown




Randal Pritchett and Joan Killelea of Teamsters Local 745 visited with Texas AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Paul Brown in Lake Cliff Park






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