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Labor Day "Biggest Ever!"

Brother Jim McCasland, Financial Secretary of the Dallas AFL-CIO, announced that the Labor Day breakfast was the biggest ever with a crowd approaching 500! Jobs with Justice had added 12 religious and community leaders to the many unionists in attendance.

The main speaker was Senate Candidate Rick Noriega, who began by thanking the people who served the food at the union-organized Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving. To download photos from the event, click here. Double click on the photo you want to get it full-sized. Then right click on it and select "save picture."

Other photos came from the Tarrant County picnic and the Dallas Democrats' free picnic. Both were successful events.

Rick Noriega exchanged greetings with theologian Dr. Joerg Rieger

Jobs with Justice activists promoted the Employee Free Choice Act

Here, State Representative Lon Burnam signs the postcard/petition

Spanish language reporter Luis Lara interviewed Nancy Hall about her trip to his home nation, Colombia

A high point of the Dallas breakfast came right at the beginning with the eloquent prayer by United Way's labor liaison, Charles Whitaker. It was also read on KNON radio, 89.3 FM, on Wednesday, September 3. A reprint is below:

Lord God, our creator, thank you for this assembly of unionists and allies. Thank you for this movement where we can travel to distant destinations and be called Brother or Sister by a fellow union member we have never met. Father, bless those that are here today, but are not sure exactly why they are here. Enlighten them Lord, help them to understand the need for working people to have the right to come together collectively.

Lord, we pray for those separated brethren that are dedicated Union members but choose not to belong to this council.

We pray for a revival of united unionism, a coming together of working people, a rededication to principles of fairness and justice in the workplace. God, thank you for our brave and enlightened forebearers. Help us never forget those men and women that were labeled socialists, communists, just because they wanted a better life. They were condemned because of their language, they were condemned because of their color, they were condemned because of their poverty, they were condemned because they organized, and they were condemned by another class of people that didn't wish for them to succeed.

Lord, bless and hold close to you those that are working today. Bless those Americans that keep this country going. In spite of what politicians may do, in spite of injustices they encounter, in spite of harassment they receive, thank you for the American worker. And, Father, we pray for the day when women in the workplace are compensated fairly for their work.

Lord, we even pray you touch the hearts of those that would prefer this meeting to be unlawful. We are reminded of your proverb, "The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayers of the righteous." Lord, make us righteous in your service; help us through your spirit to render unwavering dedication to you. We pray for your guidance as we serve you and as we serve others.

John Kennedy said, " ... history will be the final judge of our deeds ... " Lord, let us leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren, a legacy that leaves for them a Labor movement intact.

Lord God, Bless those men and women in our military. Gird them with wisdom and might so they are able to endure the great hardships they face. Please Lord, keep them safe and bring them home.

We have been given the duty of taking care of your Earth Father. What wondrous beauty you have brought. Help us to take no more from it than we give back.
Lord, you are a miraculous God. We know hard work is required of us this November, but a miracle here and there would certainly be appreciated. Bless and guide our endorsed candidates this fall. Keep them in your will and the will of the people.

Father, bless the hands that prepared this food and bless those that work today to serve us. When they return home today to their families, Father, let them be able to say; "I was treated with dignity and respect today by my fellow Brothers and Sisters.

And Lord, help me to remember to pray more in private than in public. All this we pray in your Holy name. And all the people said, "Amen."


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