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Labor/Environmentalist Take Stands

Early voting ends November 2. The general election is Nov 6. Below is a report on union positions, further below that is some comments from leading environmentalist Molly Rooke.

The Dallas Central Labor Council took no position on the Trinity River project. When the results are in, it will still be hard to figure out what people actually thought about the toll road proposed to be built alongside the Trinity River. The arguments have been going on for years. Yard signs are saying "yes. keep their toll road out of our park" and "no, save the Trinity." The latter slogan is entirely misleading, as has been the entire campaign dating back for years. A "no" vote has nothing to do with saving the river. It just encourages people to vote "no" to a proposal that would bar toll roads from the Trinity floodway.

The issue is the toll road, not the river. Those who want the toll road are "no" and those who do not want it are the "yes" sloganeers. Many voters will probably not vote either way, because it is on the bottom of the Dallas ballot and it is really confusing. Those who do vote are likely to get it wrong, because, even after the millions of dollars worth of advertising, there is no "yes" and "no" on the ballot. Those who oppose the toll road should vote "FOR" and those who want the toll road should vote "AGAINST." It is a dirty shame that all this smoke and confusion will likely prevent a clear vote on this important issue.

According to Ed Sills of the Texas AFL-CIO, they took positions in support of six of the state amendments and took no position on the remaining ones.

These are the ones on which the Texas AFL-CIO recommends a "yes" vote:

Proposition 2 -- $500 million in bonds for student loans.

Proposition 8 - Clarification of rules on home equity loans.

Proposition 9 - Resident homestead tax exemptions for disabled veterans.

Proposition 11 - Requiring record votes in Legislature on final passage of bills and publication of those records on the Internet.

Proposition 13 - Authorizing denial of bond to persons who violate certain orders in family violence cases.

Proposition 15 -- $3 billion in bonds to create a Cancer Prevention and Research Institute and to fight cancer over the next decade

While the interests of Jobs with Justice are wholly with labor, we also work closely with environmentalists. The comments below come from a very reliable environmentalist source, Molly Rooke.


See for a Voters Guide to the 2007 constitutional amendments (explanations and pros and cons) now on our ballots statewide (early voting ends November 2 and election day is Tuesday November 6, 7 a.m.-7p.m.)
The guide is at .

Environmental recommendations and considerations on some propositions include:

2007 constitutional amendments

#4 Vote for Prop 4! Support State Parks--critical needs! For more information on this prop., see

#12 Some environmentalists have decided to vote against this transportation funding prop for various reasons. Molly's additional thoughts on prop 12:
- It might be better to meet additional transportation funding needs by slightly raising gas tax rates, which might increase the chances that people would consider
more fuel efficient vehicles, (the state has a program which can help low income Texans to replace their vehicles with cleaner, and maybe more fuel efficient ones, see, commuting less (by working from home or living closer to work), carpooling, using public transportation, etc.. -Also, one of the reasons the Texas Transportation Commission might want more money is to build additional roads to encourage more development and sprawl. -As our state grows in population, do we really want to make it easy for our public policy makers to continue to follow the short sighted and unsustainable economic growth model which depends on and encourages population growth, which does so much harm to our environment by multiplying all our environmental stressors?

#16 In the legislative session the Sierra Club supported the proposed constitutional amendment that is now on the ballot as Prop 16 - financial assistance for water and sewer projects in colonias (EDAP program - economically disadvantaged areas program). The Sierra Club continues to support that proposal.

Proposition 1- (City of Dallas voters only) Vote FOR!
See for LOTS of important information and links to articles and videos at . As one of the recent KERA reports makes clear, the Army Corps of Engineers is being misquoted by the Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, and all of the pro-toll road side's claims and reasons to vote no are either false or misleading. Don't be confused on this, as the other side is trying to do to voters--if you really want to save the Trinity, VOTE YES or FOR proposition one on the bottom of the Dallas ballots.

If you live in another DFW area city and want to help, even though you can't vote on the issue, you can still help with it.
See how at and/or .

Be sure to VOTE for the environment! Our lives depend on it.
Thanks, Molly Rooke

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