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North Texas Jobs with Justice Will Confront Major Developments

Dear Friends of Jobs with Justice,

Our Wednesday night meeting will have major opportunities to discuss:

As we have since 1990, Jobs with Justice will march in the largest and best-publicized Martin Luther King event in North Texas. We'll make signs and plans on Wednesday night. On Saturday morning, January 13, park your cars in Fair Park near the Martin Luther King Blvd entrance. Take the shuttle back to City Hall before 9 AM. At City Hall, look for the Jobs with Justice banner. We'll march and sing our way, 3 miles, to our cars!

During the many Martin Luther King events, we want people to remember that King was helping striking sanitation workers in Memphis when he died. Sanitation workers in Ft Worth are on strike, and need help now! Let's look for ways to make everyone aware of Teamsters' Local 767's fight. I expect to have strikers among our group in Dallas and at the marches on Monday. We are working on a special solidarity event at the picket line, 6100 Elliott Reeder Road in Ft Worth. Reverend L Charles Stovall has agreed to come on KNON radio with me 8-9 AM Wednesday, Jan 10 to talk about MLK and the status of the dream. Listen at 89.3 FM or Call-in 972-647-1893.

Government Agents from ICE used the pretext of "identity theft" to raid packing houses and rip hundreds of parents from their children. Near Cactus, Texas, the Catholic church, the union, and other social activists are working to save those children. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 540 is doing everything possible to assist the families. Collections are taking place at local colleges. A special "Immigrants Day" mass will take place at noon on January 12 at Guadalupe Cathedral in downtown Dallas. I think there will be another celebration January 14. Donations for the children will be part of all events.

Politicians in Farmers' Branch are continuing their efforts to divide working people. We need to get behind the forces trying to heal the rift.

National Jobs with Justice has arranged a major communications service and a secondary web page for us that you may find handy: People can sign up there.

Love & solidarity


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