Jobs with Justice Commemorates Dr. King

On January 18, Jobs with Justice joined the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) on a float in the downtown Ft Worth Martin Luther King parade. Gerardo Contreras, an activist in both organizations, created the float and pulled it with his truck. Several officers from UAW 848 and UAW 276 were on board. Click for a short video presentation

Dr. David Brockman, Adrian Flores, Eleanor Brockman, Brad Walker, Brandon Berrios, and Gene Lantz handed out over 2,000 leaflet/petitions seeking help on the fight against the jobs crisis. Walker, an artist, had prepared the leaflets. His graphics skills have upgraded the handouts we make tremendously, and he recently received compliments from the Texas AFL-CIO for the leaflet he prepared to be distributed at their Committee on Political Education (COPE) Conference February 5-7.

People were pleased to get the leaflets and to find out that Jobs with Justice is not waiting to start this important fightback.

The Communications Workers of America Local 6201 and the United Auto Workers Local 218 had their own floats in the parade, so working people were well represented. Dr. King was working on a union issue when he was killed.

Unionists in MLK parade


These are CWA activists





leafletting the mlk crowd



In this photo by John Jarzabski, Adrian Flores can be seen giving a leaflet to State Senator Wendy Hill