Raging Unemployment Must be Fought

Our Workers Rights Board public hearing on the unemployment crisis has been rescheduled:

We were snowed out on our original date.

Approximately 1.2 million unemployed Americans will be cut off from all income if the Senate fails to act immediately when they convene on February 22. February 28 is the last day of the current benefit extension.

The AFL-CIO and other progressive organizations are calling for a new, longer, extension of benefits and immediate action to create 10 million jobs in America.

Jobs for America Now and national Jobs with Justice are calling for a week of action March 1-6.

At the end of election polling on March 2, about 7:15 PM, every precinct holds its convention. Just return to your voting place and participate. Please try to get them to pass a resolution such as this one, modified from what the Texas AFL-CIO passed on February 7:

BE IT RESOLVED, that we endorse quick action on job creation -- which is not to be confused with blind subsidies to employers who do not follow through on job creation promises. America needs good jobs now.

The crisis is not going away. It’s up to us to take action!



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