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August Brings Hot Times to North Texas!

If you're not sure where to put your energies, check out this hot list of upcoming events. For Jobs with Justice, the health care events planned for August 5 and August 15 are high priorities. We are continuing to petition for the Employee Free Choice Act, even though reactionaries in the Senate, including both Texans, have knocked it down for this year. We have to keep on pushing it because American democracy cannot survive without its unions. The Fair Trade (gobblelization) issue continues to rage after our victory over "fast track" on June 30. There are 4 so-called "free trade agreements" coming up in Congress.

Working people won a victory because the minimum wage is now $5.85 an hour. It was the first increase in more than a decade. It will go to $7.25 an hour within two years. The AFL-CIO is conducting a contest to find the worst boss in America. Winners get a vacation. The Tarrant Central Labor Council voted to send $100 to KNON to help keep the "Workers Beat" program on the air every Wednesday 8:05 to 9 AM. It's the only pro-union program in North Texas!

Malcom Turner, the contracted-out sanitation worker won his National Labor Relations Board election with a mail ballot for a unit of 230 laborers in the city of Dallas Sanitation department by a 100% vote, according to SEIU Local 100 organizer Kenneth Stretcher. The Hungry for Justice Coalition is having planning meetings near downtown Dallas. The trial of the Holy Land Foundation may be one of the most important civil liberties cases of this era. Get with activist Beth Freed to see how you can help.

The Letter Carriers (NALC) won a new national contract, and the Firefighters won a major legislative victory. Ironworkers from Great Western Erectors workers are still on strike over the mistreatment, disregard and indifference the company shows its workers. Great Western workers are looking for allies to help them this Fall.

September 3 will be Labor Day, and Jobs with Justice will continue to expand participation in the Dallas Labor Day Breakfast to include more and more of labor's natural allies. We'll have to raise money to get $25 tickets for religious leaders, community activists, and civil rights people. These are all worthwhile causes, and we need your activie participation!

Anyone can get on our mailing list or become a voting member of North Texas Jobs with Justice from the front of our web page at

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