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Join Us for Planning Session June 13

Fight for the right to organize

North Texas Jobs with Justice meets each second Wednesday, June 13th this month, to review developments and plan important events that bring progressive people and organizations together. Park in the rear of Oak Cliff Methodist Church, 538 W. Jefferson, and join us at 7 PM.

We're planning our Workers Rights Board for 7 PM on June 19 at Munger Place Methodist Church, 5200 Bryan at Munger in East Dallas. Reverend Charles Stovall will introduce a panel of experts who will hear testimony on the right to organize and the need for the U.S. Senate to pass the Employee Free Choice Act later this month. The panelists will include: Attorney Ed Cloutman, Teacher Hobie Hukill, Reverend Ed Middleton, Sister Patricia Ridgley, and Dr Ron Wilhelm.

Testimony will come directly from people involved in North Texas organizing drives. We already expect representatives from the Stage Handlers' Union, the National Nurses Organizing Committee, UNITE-HERE, and the Communications Workers of America. More testimony is invited. Please join us for this exciting public event.

Stand up for patient protection

The National Nurses Organizing Committee will join us at the June13 meeting. They are continuing their fight to improve hospital patient care, even at the expense of risking their own livelihoods. They need a big turnout of progressive activists to show that hospitals do not have the right to fire nurses who stand up for their patients. They will hold a press conference on at 9 AM on Friday, June 15, at 1011 N Galloway in Mesquite, 75149. Come and meet these nurses and hear their inspiring stories! The fight for the right to health care is barely beginning in our area, but it will be a doozy!

Join the National Movement

So far, seven North Texans are planning to attend the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta June 27 to July 1. The problem is to get the rest of the money for air fare and housing in Atlanta. Please send a check to North Texas Jobs with Justice, Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222, or click here to donate on-line

Join Jobs with Justice

Anyone can get on our mailing list or become a voting member of North Texas Jobs with Justice from the front of our web page at

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