Everybody Wants Money

During January, I called, e-mailed and snail mailed folks that contributed last year. To keep our chapter status with National Jobs with Justice, we have to sign up at least 5 unions and 5 other progressive organizations. We're quite a bit short as of now. Individuals also join Jobs with Justice with a $25 donation. Go to the join or donate page to do it all on-line, or just send a "North Texas Jobs with Justice" check to Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222.

For years now, KNON radio has let me talk about worker justice one hour per week. It's 89.3 FM and www.knon.org at 7 AM every Monday. Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" follows. KNON's quarterly fund drive starts February 1 and endures two weeks. People can make donations from www.knon.org "Make donation". If they don't put "workers beat" under "favorite program," then I don't get credit.

Most of the people we're involved in helping don't have any money. I'm appealing to the few who do.

I wouldn't ask if it weren't important. Every economist anywhere predicts high unemployment for the next several years, no matter what else, rosy or hideous, they may predict. Until the government actually takes direct action to create jobs, we're stuck in this mess, and Jobs with Justice is the essential voice for government action. If I thought there were some better way to help the millions of unemployed, I'd be doing it.

Please help!


In solidarity

Gene Lantz,