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Texas Delegation to National Conference Grows

Mireya and Adrianna Davidson, Akwete Tyehimba, Elaine Lantz, Rossia Avery, and Margarita Alvarez

At the monthly Jobs with Justice planning meeting, even more people committed to going to the National Jobs with Justice Conference May 2-4 in Providence Rhode Island. Some are pictured above. Rossia Avery says at least one more registered nurse from the National Nurses' Organizing Committee (NNOC) will accompany her. At least one member of the Communications Workers will go, and other unions are in the decision process. For the intial list of Texas delegates, see North Texas will benefit from their new contacts, insights, and energy when they return.

North Texans will pitch in to help with the travel and hotel expenses through plans that were made at the meeting. The group will stage a special fund raiser and a raffle. Watch this site for an announcement soon. In addition, at least three of the people who have attended earlier national Jobs with Justice national events have already volunteered to make donations. Jobs with Justice puts on really memorable activities!

For details about this exciting conference, please see

The planning meeting was also excited to hear of opportunities to help organize hospital workers. The NNOC plans a public activity around March 10 to help with their very-successful organizing drive. They are also accumulating "patient stories" about how people were treated in our health care system. Jobs with Justice will help in all areas.

We received a warning that a religious cult is operating in North Texas, and that parents of teen-aged children should beware.

The group handled the routine business of our coalition.

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