Grand Prairie AND Red Oak Want a Fair Deal for Triumph Employees!

UAW 848 sticker

Brother Brian Caldwell and Sister Sherry Shardein have found that UAW Local 848 has a lot of friends. They visited businesses in Grand Prairie and Red Oak to ask people to support a fair deal for Triumph employees. All of the community people happily put up a sticker supporting our union local! Here are some of them:



caldwell / taqueria







caldwell/villagecleanersUAW 848 is facing tough negotiations with Triumph Aerostructures. Management wants to join America's race to the bottom with non-union employment. Communities will not benefit from a bunch of low-paid jobs. On the other hand, if higher-paid union jobs come into a community, it can be a great help! The people of Grand Prairie know that economic devastation awaits them as union jobs disappear. It's a microcosm of what's going on in America -- good union jobs being sent elsewhere and turned magically into lousy non-union jobs!



Sherry Shardein helping UAW 848










red oak business









red oak business2



red oak businessCommunities know what the workers know -- that good paying jobs are a benefit for all!







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