Demand Health Care Reform!

Activists from all over the East Coast, and at least one from Ft Worth, will descend on the Capitol June 25 to demand meaningful health care reform. On June 27, Organizing for America has asked for local meetings all over the nation. Everybody who has been touched by the health care crisis needs to turn out for these meetings!

Won't You Join Us?


Presenting organizations:

The issues are simple

Just as in 1994 when health care reform was critical, defenders of the status quo are conducting a massive propaganda campaign against government intervention into the crisis. Many activists would like to turn the entire health care system over to the government. President Obama and a majority of Democrats in Congress favor a government program that would cover some Americans and inject some competition into the overall system.

Even though commentators are throwing around proposals and statistics that make the issue sound complicated, it isn't. We can accept the help that President Obama is trying to extend, or we can continue hoping for justice from the insurance companies.

Please Join Us on June 27!

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