Workers Won't Suffer in Silence

Previously, most atrocity stories about worker injustice have come anonymously or from the union organizers who aren't worried about losing their jobs. Most of the people who contact Jobs with Justice for help ask that their names and photographs be kept quiet.

But not lately.

It may be that workers are braver since they won the 2008 elections, or maybe they have just had all they can take!

Arthur Laing and Damien Brown have been trying to bring a union into their workplace for the past two years. They are motivated by their deep conviction that their co-workers deserve decent livings and dignity on the job. They two have worked with their union organizer and with government officials. They are painfully aware, because of first-hand experience, just how hard it is for American workers to exercise any rights today. They have also found out, the same grisly way, just how far company management will go to deny rights to their employees!

Even though they have successfully filed complaints with government agencies, they have seen how the bosses have rendered those agencies virtually ineffective. They have seen workers intimidated and they have seen workers bribed. Mostly, they have seen workers lied to by management!

Both workers plan to tell their stories on the Labor Day broadcast of the Workers Beat radio program on KNON radio, 89.3 FM and at 7:05 AM on September 7. Then they will attend the AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast and various Jobs with Justice public activities in search of others with the intelligence and the courage to stand up to corporate America. They will push hard for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would give American workers their just right to organize at last, because they know, much more than most of us, just how badly it is needed.

Arthur Laing and Damien BrownThrough it all, they do not intend to be cowed or dismayed. They will wear "Employee Free Choice" buttons and union shirts right into their workplace!

Can we find some more people to stand up with them?






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